30 Logos Challenge

Day 1 - Space

Design a logo for a new office incubator.

Day 3 - Twitchy

Simplify and rebrand the current logo to be identifiable at all sizes.

Day 4 - Ping

Without using blue, make a text-based logo for this team collaboration and communication software.

Day 5 - Wildlife

Create an animal logo that is recognizable enough to stand on it's own.

Day 8 - Sparked

Using a flame, make a logo for a gaming news website.

Day 9 - Paint

Spice up the current Paint logo with some color.

Day 10 - Anchor

Without using blue, make an anchor logo.

Day 11 - Sweets

Make a fun logo for a new candy shop using candy imagery.

Day 16 - Sharp

Keeping the theme minimal and the colors black and white, redesign the logo for this coooking knife brand.